Our Story

Billie & Bird Founders



We’re Billie&Bird!

Our story begins in a tiny shared bedroom in Holbrook, New York. Two sisters growing up in a family of 9, we had to be loud if we wanted to be seen. But when the hustle and bustle of the day was over, we would retreat to our teeny twin beds, and quietly dream of things that sparkle.

While we don’t share a bedroom anymore, we never stopped sharing a dream. Still inspired by the stories behind the treasures in our mom’s old jewelry box, we’ve always felt a kindred spirit when bringing the perfect accessory into our lives. For us, nothing compares to the moment you find a piece that feels like it was made with you in mind. 

And that’s what brought us here - so we could give that moment to you. Because in that warm and wonderful house we were taught to make every moment count.

Please know that everything you see here was handpicked by us, for you. Plus, every purchase gives back to our partner charities. Shine on!


Billie & Bird 

P.S.- Our brand name comes from the childhood nicknames given to us by our dad! He was a driving force in our lives - a man you could always rely on...Marine, FDNY Battallion Chief, our own Clint Eastwood! He encouraged us to belive in ourselves as he did, and inspired us to start B&B. We miss him so much, but feel his prescence and pride each day. XOXO