Jewelry Care

Billie & Bird - Jewelry Care

All Billie & Bird jewelry is crafted with high-quality materials and designed for everyday wear. To keep that sparkle looking brand-new, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 


  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals.
    Chemicals found in common products like cleaning solutions, hairsprays, lotions and perfumes can cause damage to your jewelry. When in doubt, be sure to keep your jewelry out of harm’s way by avoiding direct contact.
    *PRO TIP: put your jewelry on as the last step in your getting-ready routine

  • Remove jewelry before cleaning, swimming, or exercising.
    Chores involving cleaning solutions, or exercise involving chlorine or heavy sports equipment, can be harmful to your jewelry, so remember to remove your jewelry first.
    *PRO TIP: keep a spare microfiber jewelry pouch in your gym bag, purse and pool bag
  • Don’t sleep with your jewelry on.
    We know you want to spend every moment in your Billie & Bird jewelry, but tossing and turning while you sleep could damage your precious pieces.
    *PRO TIP: keep a jewelry dish or pouch by your bedside to remind you that while you rest, so should your jewelry 

  • Store jewelry in a cool dry space.
    Keep your jewelry looking good as new by storing each piece in a lined pouch or jewelry box within a temperature-controlled space.
    *PRO TIP: avoid scratches by storing pieces individually

Clean jewelry with a microfiber cloth.
Maintain that day one sparkle by gently wiping your jewelry down with a microfiber cloth in-between wears.
*PRO TIP: to get that extra shine, make a habit of quickly running a microfiber cloth over your jewelry before you put it on