Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which for us in the jewelry biz is pretty much our Super Bowl, so we thought what better time than now to launch the first edition of The Billie & Bird Blog! So, if you’re looking to get in the game this season by gifting that special someone with a piece of jewelry, you’re in luck! Whether looking to wow your significant other, show your galentine how much you care, or maybe give mom a little “thank you” for all she’s done for you, we’re sharing our playbook for picking out the perfect piece of jewelry for her. The best news is even a rookie can score a big win by following our 7 simple steps. So get off the bench and let’s get to it…

TIP #1: For starters, don’t get her something she already has

We know this is an easy one, but people, do your homework. If something catches your eye in a store or while browsing online, make sure it isn’t because you’ve already seen her wearing something just like it. You want to add to her collection, not duplicate it. 

 TIP #2: Look for clues!

While you don’t want to get her something she already has, there’s no shame in getting her something she already likes. It doesn’t take a mind reader to check a Pinterest board or observe what she picks up while browsing in Nordstrom. Stay alert and she may leave some obvious style breadcrumbs!

TIP #3: Get to know her style

Another tip that falls in the super sleuth category is to pick up on her sense of style. Some great indicators to determine a good style match would be: does she wear mostly gold or silver? Does she rock statement jewelry or are her pieces simple and understated? Does she typically wear long necklaces or choker-style? Is she a layered look kind of girl (who isn’t?!). If you can answer some of these questions, congratulations you have your treasure map to the perfect piece for her!


TIP #4: Choose something with meaning (it’s easier than it sounds)

Don’t get intimidated here! We’re not asking you to write a Nicholas Sparks novel - we’re just asking you to take a minute to reflect on any items that catch your eye. What about this piece made you think of her? It is true what they say, the thought counts, so if you can go beyond “I thought you’d like it” to “I thought you’d like it because…” we promise you, a few extra words will go a long way.


TIP #5: Like your love for her, get her something that will last

 Pro-tip: not all jewelry is created equal. Make sure to do your research for high-quality, tarnish-resistant, pieces that are backed by a brand/company she would support. You don’t just want her to love her new piece, you want her to feel good while wearing it. While higher quality metals and stones may come in at a higher price point, they will stand the test of time. 


TIP #6: When in doubt, ask her bestie

Even the best quarterback can’t win alone. When in doubt, trust her tribe and phone a friend. Friends don’t let friends wear bad jewelry, they just don’t. 


TIP #7: There’s always a Billie & Bird gift card

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re feeling like you’re in over your head, we get it, there’s a lot to think about. Have no fear, Billie & Bird has your back with our digital gift cards. With customizable amounts and instant delivery to your inbox, it’s the perfect way to ensure she ends up with something she’ll love. 


Ok team, you’re officially ready for the big game! We hope our playbook leads you to a W. Be sure to follow The Billie & Bird Blog where we’ll be serving up tips, tricks and of course, a whole lot of sparkle. 


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